Here Are The Top 5 Attractions In Tacloban!

Typhoon Yolanda once devastated the town of Tacloban and it was down to ruins in 2013. But, not it is a different story altogether. The entire town has been rebuilt, and tourism is flourishing once again as tourists want to enjoy the fantastic attractions and outdoor activities. Tacloban is blessed with verdant greenery and natural […]

Things To Know While Travelling To Tokyo From Hong Kong

Travelling from Hong Kong to Tokyo is quite a common idea. Many people In Hong Kong travel to and from Tokyo for business and leisure. The two cities are the most popular among tourists due to tourist attractions, business hubs and places of special interest. Here are some of the top questions asked when someone […]

Located about 30 km from Marrakech

Located about 30 km from Marrakech, in the High Atlas, the Ourika Valley is a very popular tourist site. It attracts with an exceptional landscape and a setting conducive to hiking. Possible activities Tourists wandering through the Ourika Valley can explore Berber culture and the fabulous landscape of the High Atlas. Hikes to discover nature […]