Sea, nature, typical village and summer festivals

Those words can clearly describe what you expect to experience as a tourist in Dhermi. Dhermi is a small village in Vlorë County, Albania, part of the municipality of Himarë and trust us, it has beautiful beaches. The village lies 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlorë and about the same distance north of […]

Getting The Right Help When Buying Jewellery

Men and shopping have never always gone hand in hand but when it is men shopping for women then more often than not, it’s a nightmare. The majority of the male species only prefer to scour the shops when they really need something and generally they’ll go in, find the item and head straight back […]

How The Little Things Can Make Your Wedding Day Special

Whether you consider yourself a romantic or not there is no denying that a wedding is a truly wonderful occasion. The joining of two people is a fantastic and nothing could be better than seeing two people head over heels in love, committing to spending the rest of their lives together. Planning a wedding and […]

The Power of Authentic Failure

How can we harness the power of authentic failure? Let’s first start with it’s no secret that our society and culture is success-driven. In fact, one can’t turn on the news, or go through their social media timeline without reading about how company’s like Google or Apple are so successful because they make record sales […]