Mauritius – Briefly Explained

The island of Mauritius has a total land area of around 784 square miles or otherwise a total area of around 788 square miles. As per reports recorded in the year 2006, the population in Mauritius amounts up to about 1,240,827. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. According to statistics published in the in […]

Dual Mode – The Future Highway

Now this is kind of not mass transportation but it is like the trains I mentioned above. It requires a whole retrofit of the highway system which to me is mass transit. Everybody has their own cars so it is individual transportation but they all work in unison once they are on the highway. The […]

Tablet PC – Proof of a Shrinking World

All of us must have noticed that as we are advancing in the fields of communication, technology, transportation and other areas, the devices that we use in our day to day lives are becoming smaller. Everything from a television to a music system, to mobile phones and even a laptop. Yes, now we have a […]