How Fantastic the Trade Exhibitions Can Be?

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If you have previously focused on the organization of an individual prospecting process, now let’s study another prospecting process, just as effective although radically different trade shows. Participating in a trade fair has many advantages:

  • Making yourself known on the market
  • Promote its brand and its products
  • Ensure a technological and competitive watch
  • Involve all the players in the profession
  • Build up a list of prospects
  • Build relationships with journalists
  • Federate its network
  • Boost your business.

It is also necessary to choose your event with discernment according to its objectives on the market, and to ensure a rigorous organization of the before and after the show. Now Anuga is a fantastic platform here.

How Can I Find Out About Existing Trade Fairs?

Everyone will tell you, participating in a trade fair is expensive and takes time, two components that are difficult to find in an SME. It is therefore better not to be wrong. Once your choice has been made, you just have to set up the production schedule.

By The Way How Long In Advance To Reserve A Salon?

The time limit is one year minimum, two years if the show is biennial. Yes, the more you do it in advance, the more likely you are to be able to negotiate a good location.

Sources of information on trade fairs:

  • Official bodies such as chambers of commerce, regional councils, etc.
  • Professional unions which list the events specific to their branch of activity.
  • The main organizers.
  • Local official bodies

Each year the media publishes a Guide to fairs and exhibitions in this country and abroad and puts it online on its website, with mention of the planned pavilions. For Anuga exhibition this is very important.

How to Be Sure To Make the Right Choice?

Find out about the reputation of the show and the organizer asks to consult the activity reports of previous editions of the same show.

  • Also look at the scope of the show: local, regional, national or international?
  • Who are the competitors present, for how long? Who are the other exhibitors?
  • What are the services offered, the associated partners?
  • How much do the sites cost?
  • Can you benefit from grants for this show?

The Importance of the Stand Location

If this is your first time attending a well-known trade show, you might as well tell you: you won’t have much choice. The best locations are reserved from one year to the next. It’s up to you to try to negotiate the best of what will remain.

What Is A Good Location?

Depending on the trade shows, the cost of your stand will represent on average one third of your total budget. It is therefore better to attract as many visitors as possible. Many fights to be positioned at the entrance, their argument being to be seen by all, but seen does not mean visited. The entrance is a place of passage, as are the catering areas and activity points. So beware of preconceived ideas.

Some questions to help you decipher a living room plan

  • Where are the entrances and exits?
  • What are the directions of movement?
  • Where are the conferences and events?
  • Where are the catering points, the toilets?
  • Where are the exhibitors or visitors parking access?
  • How many m2 are the modules drawn?
  • Where the corners stands are?
  • Where are your competitors located?

Of course, the criteria will not be the same depending on the size of the salon. A small fair will be visited in its entirety, which will not be the case for larger exhibitions where visitors already come with a well-defined objective.


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