These Outstanding Facilities Force Everyone to Visit Aquaventure UAE

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Summer is coming and your kids would start demanding a visit to largest water park in the city. Luckily, the UAE residents have numerous water entertainment facilities. The name of Atlantis Water Park comes first whenever we talk about the water games, entertainments and aquariums in UAE. The brings the families to a deciding point especially when they see attractive Aquaventure offers for the upcoming days. Nowadays, this water park is preparing to host the new wave of guests from the national and international communities. We have searched some reasons to visit Atlantis Water Park with kids.

More than a water park:

Remember, the Aquaventure is more than a simple water park. It is transforming the idea of traditional water parks with some exciting facilities. Visiting Aquaventure in 2021 would be a new experience for everyone. In the break time, this park has upgraded several sections and turned the water park into a heaven for the families, friends, couples and kids. The Aquaventure offers a one-place for everyone to find multiple fun-oriented activities in the summer months. Some of the main attractions at this park are as given below.

Surf’s Up Wave Rider:

Do you like surfing? Adults as well as kids find this activity lovely and engaging. Anyone who likes surfing as a beginner or experienced surfer should visit the Aquaventure at Atlantis Water Park to find the world largest indoor surfing facility. The surf’s up wave rider is a fantastic opportunity to have a thrilling experience.

Over 30 attractions and rides:

Yes, this water park is not limited to swimming pools and water games. It offers numerous types of rides and attractions. It would be better to find the full day access to these attractions and rides in order to enjoy the fun.

Aquaventure Beach:

This is our favorite because it is a safe beach for the kids. Families who love spending time on beach should consider this manmade beach facility at the Atlantis Water Park. This seems real and offers the best beach experience to everyone.

Educational Programs:

This is an interesting service for the kids to learn about marine biology. There are marine life specialists working at this park. They teach the kids about water activities, marine life and other things.

Splashers Cove and Lagoon:

These two facilities are equally attractive for adults and kids. There are different sections for the adults. Enjoy the splashing experience with the thrilling water games.


Surprisingly, the Aquaventure offers best dining experience to the visitors. Dining services and facilities are superb for families, friends and kids. It has numerous food chains, bars and restaurants. Finding your favorite foods and drinks would not be an issue at this water park.

Park tickets and passes:

The Aquaventure has numerous types of deals on tickets and passes. For example, it offers one day passes as well as annual passes to the visitors. It would be better to get these passes with the help of in order to save money.


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