Travel With Someone Watching Your Back

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When planning a holiday abroad you immediately think if golden beaches, clear oceans and the occasional cocktail poolside. Your immediate thoughts are not on the essentials when they perhaps should be.

In reality a holiday abroad starts when you leave the comfort and security of your front door. You have the travel to the airport, the waiting for your plane followed by the eager anticipation of the luggage collection. If all goes to plan nothing will be broken and you can unpack, enjoy your resort, make friends with some locals and relax. On occasions however you can fall ill by the mistake of drinking a nice cool something (with ice) or by choosing a “fresh” salad that’s been washed in the local gutter. Joking aside if you do fall ill with something more serious you need to make sure you have your new E111 card and your travel insurance handy. Without these a relaxing holiday break can quickly turn into a costly nightmare.

If you do manage to escape the health landmines away from home another worry can be security. When you travel abroad you tend to bring a lot of cash, travellers cheques and of course your passport and if you lose any of these items you can be in real trouble if again you don’t have a simple document that can sometimes slip your mind.

Travel insurance is something that should be purchased in advance but these days the internet is faster and more secure than ever and you can buy online the day before you leave. The process is very painless and involves choosing the dates of your travels followed by a short form with your personal details on. The best part of the process is the price, you can buy single trip travel insurance for under £6.00 per person which is nothing considering the level of protection you receive.


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