10 Xiamen Student Tips For A Better Getaway

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Xiamen is an ideal place for students learning Chinese. Boasting beautiful campuses, plenty of restaurants and an engaging social scene, Xiamen offers something special to all its inhabitants.

Explore the main campus, with its ancient temples, lakes and tunnels. Visit Nanputuo Temple – an important Buddhist site – or Huandao Road for some sandy beach relaxation nearby the University. Kuala Lampur to Xiamen flights just opened through Cathay Pacific. 

1. Get a Chinese SIM card

Are You Planning on Traveling to China? A Chinese SIM Card Is Essential

When purchasing a Chinese SIM card, make sure to inspect its validity date and bundled service options as well as compatibility between your phone and the SIM card and data limits. It’s wise to buy the SIM card prior to arriving in China to save both time and money; additionally it should be kept in mind that any unused credit on such SIMs expire after 30 or 60 days.

2. Buy a Xiamen student card

As one of the first steps toward arriving at Xiamen University, purchasing a student card should be top of your priority list. Not only will this facilitate registration but you’ll need it later for food purchases on campus as well.

An eKatong (eQia Tong) stored value card can be purchased in banks and stores across campus for use to pay for various forms of public transportation in Xiamen.

This card can also be used to transfer money directly into your bank account, making it an attractive alternative for those uncomfortable carrying cash around. Furthermore, discounts at certain shops and restaurants in Xiamen may also be obtained using this card. Xiamen University is known for being one of China’s most beautiful universities with its campus backed by Nanputuo Temple and across from Baicheng Beach – two landmarks known to create an ideal learning experience.

3. Get a Chinese SIM card

An independent mobile network connection is vital when studying abroad, enabling you to navigate cities, use WeChat, and more. Unfortunately, finding a SIM card may prove challenging given that most stores only sell local residents’ SIMs.

Before coming to China, purchasing a Chinese SIM card online will save both time and money while making sure that your phone is compatible with its network.

Be sure to compare prices and service options among China Mobile, Unicom and HK telecom before making your choice. Check data caps as well as compatibility issues between SIM card and phone model. It is wise to remember that some networks may censor text messages with politically or religiously contentious language – this may not always happen but being prepared can save time later on!

4. Get a Xiamen SIM card

Xiamen, located in southeast China, is a scenic coastal city often referred to as “Garden on the Sea.” This city has earned many awards including being honored as an UN Habitat Scroll of Honor recipient as well as receiving Nations in Bloom awards. Furthermore, it’s a highly visited tourist spot.

City offers an abundance of seafood restaurants catering to all price points. Enjoy delicious seafood barbeques on Taiwan Food Street or sample more sophisticated fare at local seafood establishments.

There are various transportation methods for reaching Xiamen, including flights, trains and buses. Of these options, flights offer the fastest, simplest and most economical travel solution – they’re fast, affordable and provide stunning aerial views of the city – you can even book tickets online! For added peace of mind during your visit to Xiamen, consider purchasing a travel sim card with data before your arrival so as to enhance the overall experience.

5. Get a Xiamen SIM card

If you’re traveling to Xiamen, there are various means of transport available to you to arrive there. Options may include flying, taking a train ride, long distance bus service, and even travel by ship! But by far the most popular mode is flight travel.

One of the best things to do in Xiamen is visit Xiamen University, known for being one of China’s most beautiful campuses and established by patriotic overseas Chinese leader Chen Jiageng in 1921.

The university’s main gate sits atop a hill overlooking the sea, while historic buildings such as Tan Kah Kee-style buildings can also be found here. Tickets sell out quickly; make reservations through their WeChat account before entering and take a tour around campus afterwards!

6. Get a Xiamen SIM card

Xiamen University is one of China’s most stunning universities, located near Nanputuo Temple and facing both sea and mountains. Students and tourists alike should make time to visit this picturesque campus which boasts Furong Lake, Jiannan Auditorium and Qunxian Building among many other things to see on campus.

Xiamen is famous for its delectable seafood and delectable local snacks, with many well-established “net celebrity shops.” Zhongshan Road provides an ideal opportunity to stroll and visit these stores.

Biking is the ideal way to explore Xiamen. Most streets are safe, and there is an extra bicycle path on Island Ring Road (Huandao Lu). Renting one daily costs roughly Y=30; additionally, many locals take part in walking and jogging for exercise – an aspect known as healthy living in this city.

7. Get a Xiamen SIM card

Xiamen is an idyllic coastal city known for its stunning natural scenery and rich cultural history, boasting numerous accolades like the “UN Habitat Scroll of Honour” and “Nations in Bloom”. Former US President Richard Nixon once even described Xiamen as the “Oriental Hawaii”.

Rafaela loves exploring Xiamen University – one of China’s most beautiful universities with Nanputuo Temple at its center and Baicheng Beach nearby – as well as Shapowei, an old street town where students gather to relax, play and eat, during her time here in Xiamen. She particularly appreciates Xiamen’s pleasant climate and breathtaking landscapes that allow her to spend most of her time outside, enjoying every minute of Xiamen life! On rainy days she even finds time for some tasty hot noodles!

8. Get a Xiamen SIM card

Xiamen offers many renowned gourmet restaurants where visitors can sample local specialties. Malls also provide shoppers with access to trendy fashion brands and popular long-standing “net celebrity shops” on Zhongshan Road are easily found.

Established by overseas Chinese nationalists over one hundred years ago, Xiamen University is widely considered one of China’s most beautiful universities. With an architectural design inspired by cultures from across the world and visitors coming both domestically and abroad to visit it regularly.

Attractions to see in Xiamen beyond its famed University include Hulishan Fortress, Nanputuo Temple Complex, Bailuzhou Park and Gulangyu Island. You can also sample unique seafood dishes from Xiamen like oyster omelet and sandworm jelly while taking a stroll through its art district or attending an event at Xiamen Concert Hall.

9. Get a Xiamen SIM card

Xiamen University stands as one of China’s most stunning university campuses. A popular tourist and student attraction alike, with scenic lakes and beaches and emotional coffee shops that add depth and warmth. Furthermore, Furong Tunnel should not be missed!

Xiamen Botanical Garden offers an ideal place to spend an enjoyable day, with hundreds of species of native flora and fauna waiting for visitors. A perfect retreat from urban living, visitors can unwind by immersing themselves in nature’s splendor.

Gulangyu Island in Xiamen is a must-see attraction. Renowned for its rich folk customs and architectural styles, as well as being home to museums and historic structures, Sunlight Rock provides stunning panoramic views over red roofed buildings on the island.

10. Get a Xiamen SIM card

Xiamen (formerly Amoy) is a coastal city located in southeast China. As the biggest city in Fujian province and renowned for its scenic views, rich culture, and mouth-watering delicacies.

If you’re in search of some beach time or boutique browsing on pedestrianized Zhongshan Road, Xiamen offers something for every taste – and if you find yourself feeling unwell there are multiple hospitals to help treat any illnesses that might arise.

Gulang Yu Island in Xiamen offers street painters and old European-style buildings. To get inside, tickets should be reserved through Wechat Public Account as they sell out quickly! Passports will also be needed before trying to visit Gulang Yu. Don’t miss Xiamen University either – its lake and sea view make for truly spectacular viewing!


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