Top recommendations for buying a second-hand boat online

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Buying a used boat from Dufour yachts is a great option to enjoy nautical sports, at a much more accessible price. However, to avoid possible disappointments, you have to be very cautious when choosing. Once you have your eyes on a boat and are convinced of the purchase, the ideal is that you agree with the seller a visual inspection afloat.

Begin the inspection of the structure

Focus on looking for signs of unusual strain, cracks in the paint, surface and hull, and gaps. Look for signs of lack of sealing in stools, pole steps, fittings, etc. If it is a sailboat, carefully observe the deck in search of anomalous deformations near the chains, which are usually common with rigging subjected to excess tension. Look for bare wires, areas of overheating, or any defects that could cause short circuits or power failures.

The bilges say a lot about their maintenance

Look for the presence of water. There should be no water accumulation. If there is, it will be necessary to find its origin. It is very important to check the operation of the bilge pump and to check each one of the bottom cocks that they open and close correctly. They must not show signs of excessive corrosion or the presence of water.

Test all navigation equipment.

Have you checked GPS, depth sounder, plotter, radar, lights, windlass, and windshield wiper? Check that they are operational and in good condition. Even if the boat is second-hand, you should have all the necessary instruction manuals. Ask the ship owner to show you the last ‘safe to operate inspection’ document, the certificate of navigability and the validity.

Engine information

Ask them to show you the maintenance book, the invoices for the inspections and the repairs that have been carried out. Check the hours of the engines, check levels, filters, belts, etc. See what the oil looks like, ask when the batteries were last changed and check that they work well. Check the condition of the motors and all their components.

It is important to test and feel the boat sailing

Take the opportunity to test navigation equipment. As for the engine, watch how it starts, the smoke from the exhausts, and the vibrations. It is interesting to put the engine at full speed, and check if it reaches the revolutions specified by the manufacturer. Check that the temperature and pressure do not rise excessively on the gauges. Check that the safety equipment agrees with the CE marking.

Look for signs of osmosis

In fiber boats more than five years old, it is usual to find osmosis. There are degrees of osmosis that are hidden from the naked eye. If you really want to buy the boat, at the slightest indication, consult an expert. However, if you do not want waste unnecessary time and money, the ideal would be to looking for your first boat from Dufour yachts. Next, you can also buy brand new sail boat at an attractive price range.


Look for signs of stranding, scrapes, breaks, etc. If it is a sailboat, take a good look at the dagger board, its structure and its union with the hull. Look at the rudder. Also, take a good look at the propeller shaft and move it. Check the degree of corrosion of all metallic elements of the hull, including propellers.


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