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When it comes to planning a trip or vacation we typically will try to plan around the summer. However, there are so many options for vacations in the winter, especially in Utah. So once you have come to your senses and are going to plan a trip to Utah in the winter let me help you with some ideas of what you can do while you are here.

Moab: Go down south to Moab Utah. Down there is where you will find amazing views and sites our national parks have to offer. When you go visit Canyonlands or Arches National Park anytime in the year it is amazing. However during the winter months you can see the contrast of the beautiful red rock formations off the white snow. It is absolutely stunning.

St. George: Similar to Moab, St George hosts several amazing national and state parks with stunning views worth the visit year round. Also, much like Moab, near St. George you will find the stunning sights of red rock formations that draw in tourists year round.

Salt Lake City: Go and visit the capital of the state and see the city. Year round you can come and see what Utah’s capital has to show off. Thousands of visitors come year round to visit natural wonders and other sights that have more of a religious value. Places like Temple Square especially during the winter are astounding. The Christmas lights they put up are really worth the visit.

Park City: This I believe is the best part of Utah to visit during the winter. It has the nice draw of the town. While having the additional perks of the amazing world renowned ski resort. Also an underrated perk of Park City is the opportunity to go horseback riding through the beautiful Wasatch Front. These horseback riding tours are beautiful year round, but in the winter it is an unforgettable experience for all.

Utah is an amazing place to visit year round. So next time you are needing a getaway from the day to day grind of life, do not wait for summer for your trip. Utah is waiting for you in the winter. Whether it is the national parks in the south or horseback riding in Park City. So get to planning your Utah getaway today.

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