Beautiful Gems that Anyone Can See in Southern Utah

It should come as no surprise that Utah is home to some of the most gorgeous landscape in the whole country, and that there are therefore some very breathtaking spots to visit in Utah. I’m about to show you seven wonderful secrets in southern Utah that will blow your mind.

In addition, while you’re here, you may get a complimentary itinerary detailing your travels around Southern Utah. There are plenty of other great spots to visit than the ones highlighted here. So here are the secret cool places in utah to bring a date.

Explore The Strange Goblin Valley

This state park is not entirely unknown, but it does not get nearly as many visitors as the other of Utah’s state parks. Goblin Valley State Park has a fantasy feel due to the rounded rock formations that resemble little mushrooms. AND the meandering walkways, which are very much like a labyrinth, provide for a great place for dogs to run about and play.

Salt Lake City

Since July is the hottest month of the year and there was no shade here, we were all rapidly overheated and left after just a few minutes. If you’re taking your dog on a trip between May and August, be sure to pack his or her booties. The last thing you want is for your cute dog’s paws to be burnt because you forgot to use them.

Check Out This Horseshoe Bend Lookalike

Does the idea of visiting this hidden gem in Utah’s southwest appeal to you? Picture three identical versions of Horseshoe Bend. Despite being just thirty minutes away from Monument Valley, Goosenecks State Park is still largely obscure to the general public and is therefore a great example of a hidden gem. What makes this spot so stunning is the natural formation of a series of canyons in the shape of a “gooseneck” caused by a meandering river.

Wilson Arch

The area is often regarded as one of southern Utah’s best hidden gems. Just south of Moab on Highway 191, there is a pull-out where you can stop and quickly hike up to this massive arch to take in the vistas.

Southern Utah

The best part is that it’s only a short break, and you hardly even have to move to get up here. It’s crucial to remember that Southern Utah’s temperatures may rise quickly and that the granite wall might become uncomfortable to climb on. Will you be traveling with your dog? Remember to provide them with some sturdy footwear, such as booties, to avoid injury to their feet from the rocks during the warmer months of the year.

Factory Butte

Although it is adjacent to Capital Reef National Park, Canyonlands, and Escalante State Park, this beautiful butte with a flat top is generally overlooked by park visitors. However, the magical nature of this place stems from the fact that this butte towers above the surrounding desert.

Hidden gems in St George Utah

Although we didn’t have four-wheel drive, we attempted some off-roading in our Ford Edge to get as close as we could to Factory Butte. It may be challenging to get to this spot.


Dirt roads may be treacherous when it rains, so please be aware that the one heading to Factory Butte is one of them. You’d be smart to avoid this area if you don’t have four-wheel drive. Southern Utah is home to some of the world’s greatest hidden gems, and you’ll be among the first to find them.


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