How Tour Guides Play Important Roles During a Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic had a major negative impact on the travel industry. Many tour guides found themselves temporarily out of work and many turned to the Internet so that they could continue to share their love of travel with customers while much of the travel industry was shut down.

Now that travel is beginning to pick back up, tour guides have a more important role to play than guiding their customers on a trip. They’re also responsible for helping to ensure the safety of their travelers and of the people living in the locations they visit. While some locations have seen a decrease in the number of cases of COVID-19, it’s still important to maintain the health and safety practices that protect us from the virus in order to prevent a resurgence.

Tour Guides Will Act as Health Ambassadors

When travelers go on a guided tour, it’s the tour guide who acts as an ambassador for the places they’re visiting. If there are any local regulations that travelers will need to follow, it’s the tour guide who will impart that safety information to their customers. If local laws require social distancing or mask-wearing, the tour guide will be the one to make sure that travelers know about them.

Tour Guides Will Facilitate Communication

Even as countries around the world are gradually reopening their borders to travel, not all tourist destinations will be completely open. Some may be open but have restrictions on the number of visitors that can enter at once. These places may not be able to reliably communicate this information to potential tourists, but a tour guide will have that information. A tour guide will be able to communicate with their customers about which locations are open and which are safe to visit.

Tour Guides Will Enforce Safety Regulations

It can be easy to forget which locations require what in terms of safety. If some destinations require a mask for visitors but others don’t, tourists could find themselves forgetting to follow the proper regulations for each location. The tour guide will be in charge of knowing what the rules are at each stop on the trip and can help enforce the local regulations, ensuring that the travelers on their tour are following the rules.

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