Mistakes to avoid with your perfumes

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Applying perfumes is very easy but selecting, storing, and wearing in the right way is a little bit complex. The most important thing is that if the perfumes are not applied or stored in a proper way then the person may not get enough satisfaction. Moreover, it is also recommended to buy perfumes from reputed sites like https://singapore-memories.com/products/singapore-girl-best-perfume-for-her if you are new in this field. It is because there are various online stores offering duplicate and bad quality perfumes to their customers. In addition, there are several other considerations to follow if you want to avoid several mistakes that others do.

Mistakes to avoid 

Don’t smell too fast 

This is the mistake done by most of the people while buying perfumes. Although spraying and smelling is the best way to select the favorite perfumes, some people do it very fast. If you are also buying the perfume for the very first time try to spry on a warm part of your body like elbow or wrist. The most important thing is to always try to keep some gap of at least 30 secs. That allows the alcohol content to evaporate if any, and also helps in knowing the concentration property of the particular perfume. 

Don’t store in a warmer place 

Some people don’t pay attention while storing it, they usually throw it here and thereafter using it with open caps. Due to this, the concentration power of the perfume gets harmed and fragrance also escapes. Also, don’t allow the perfume to smell for a longer period. The most important thing is to always keep your perfumes at a cooler place and avoid direct sunlight or heat. It will upset the delicate balance of oil and ingredients and will result in reducing the fragrance of the perfumes. Moreover, if you are carrying it in your hand purse then try to keep it in proper packing to avoid spills. 


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