The Secret to a Successful Seafront Hotel

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Located directly on the sea, you’d think a Llandudno seafront hotel would be one of the most popular in town, right? This makes sense; who wouldn’t want to wake up and look out their window every morning to see clear blue waters stretching into the horizon? Or sit on their balcony at night to enjoy the lapping waves of the sea as they roll up onto the sand? However, this notion doesn’t seem to hold true in reality. Here are the secrets to growing a successful seafront hotel.

Location, Location, Location

Just like it is with property, location is key when it comes to hotels. A seaside hotel might seem like an attractive option, but if it’s on a busy road that cuts through town or at least one mile away from your target market, you could be in for trouble.

Create an inviting entrance

Walk into any seaside hotel, and you’ll immediately notice how welcoming it feels. The double doors leading inside are usually open-air, allowing in natural light and offering sweeping views of whichever body of water lies before it. These hotels ensure that guests arrive at an inviting entrance. Beachfront hotels with parking should have their entrances facing away from traffic; they should also be situated on larger lots with plenty of space for outdoor seating and landscaping. The resulting aesthetic is one that’s both relaxing and warm.

Build up your reputation 

Whether it’s reputation management or plain old reputation development, most hotels realise that a strong online presence is crucial for drawing in business. Beachfront hotels with parking are uniquely positioned as tourist destinations, but they also need to ensure that their guests feel valued and recognised during their stay. Hotels looking to build up their reputation should start by focusing on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure your guests see the ocean from their room

The location of a hotel can make or break its success. One of the best ways to enhance your hotel’s value and profitability is by making sure that your guests see and experience your beautiful beach, waterfront, or water views from their rooms. In short, you need strategically placed mirrors—specifically designed mirrors designed with hotels in mind. Mirrors that add value to your guests’ stay can be just as important as comfy pillows and clean sheets in ensuring they return for another visit soon!

Provide beach activities at no charge

If guests have something fun and active to do at your hotel, they’ll never need to leave. Having scheduled activities—such as yoga on the beach or paint-and-sip nights—is an excellent way of entertaining your guests, who will feel more relaxed with one less thing they need to stress about while away from home. It’s also sure to keep your hotel in their mind as they plan their next vacation.

Have plenty of family-friendly amenities

Family-friendly hotels offer plenty of activities for kids. For example, many have pools, waterslides, mini golf courses, board games, and more. These activities can help entertain younger children who tend to get bored during vacations; in turn, they’ll spend less time watching TV and playing video games. Since we know that customers are spending less on accommodations when traveling with kids than they were two decades ago—why not use amenities as a way to entice families to book your hotel?

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