Travelling with Your Toddler? Here Are Some Tips for You!

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Travelling with a toddler can be an overwhelming experience for parents who do not know what to expect. Children are unpredictable, and parents need to be prepared for any eventuality. Toddlers are also prone to falling sick to altitude changes or weather changes that are possible when you are travelling. Among other measures, it is important to have a travel insurance plan for your family to protect you financially if a medical situation were to arise.

As parents, we want our children to experience the world. We want to share experiences that we feel are good and also the ones that we missed when we were kids. So, over the years, many parents have started travelling with their toddlers with a stroller and diapers in tow. While it seems impossible for many parents, travelling with your baby can be fun if you plan it right.

If you are thinking of going on a trip with your toddler, then here are some tips that you could use.

Tips to Travel With Your Toddler

Here are some tips for travelling with your toddler with ease:

  • Choosing the destination

When you travel with a toddler, choosing the right destination is important to ensure that the baby is healthy and enjoys the place. For example, you might want to avoid taking the baby to a mountainous region where the weather is too cold. This might make it difficult for the baby to breathe and cause health issues. Instead, look for places with pleasant weather conditions and adequate space for the baby to play. You can buy travel insurance online for specific locations globally.

  • Pack for the baby

When you travel with a toddler, more than half your luggage might be filled with things that you need for the baby. This is to be expected. While you might be able to manage with a single pair of denim for 3 days, the baby would need a change of diapers regularly. Hence, make sure that you take all essential things for the baby with you.

  • Carry a stroller

We know that it sounds cumbersome, but a stroller can be a blessing on a trip. Once your baby is asleep, you can put them in the stroller while you shop or eat or do other things. Many airlines offer gate check-in for strollers. A stroller can give you some free time to do things you want on the trip. Also, ensure that you have travellers insurance so that you are financially protected if your baggage gets lost at the airport.

  • Take all medicines that the baby might need

Children have sensitive immune systems. If the baby takes a specific medicine for an upset stomach, then make sure that you carry the medicine. While doctors might prescribe a different medicine at your destination, it might not suit the child. Hence, make sure that you talk to the paediatrician and carry the medicines that the baby might need.

  • Carry a quick-change bag

This bag should contain diapers, wet wipes, and cream for rashes, a change of clothes, and other essentials for your baby. Making a separate bag ensures that you don’t have to lug a heavy bag into the washroom every time the baby needs a change of clothes.

  • Pack baby food

If your baby has formula food, then it is important to pack the food for the number of days you will be travelling. Also, make sure to feed the baby some fresh fruits from the place you visit. Remember, nutrition is important for the baby to handle any change in weather. Have a travelling insurance plan so that you are financially protected if your toddler falls sick during the trip.

  • Focus on hygiene

Toddlers are more prone to infections since their immune systems are not yet developed. Hence, make sure that you carry wipes that are antibacterial, hand sanitiser, and your own cutlery for your child. Also, make sure that you wash your hands before feeding the baby or changing diapers. Overall, ensure that you maintain good hygiene throughout the trip.

  • Buy travel insurance

Many insurers offer travel international insurance for people travelling outside the country. These plans carry a range of benefits, from medical cover to lost baggage and cancelled flights. Make sure that you buy a travelling insurance plan with medical coverage if you travel with a toddler. With such plans, you can get immediate assistance in a medical emergency, even in a foreign country. Look at different online travel insurance plans, compare features and premiums, and choose the best one for your family.

Summing Up

While you might have travelled a hundred times before, travelling with a toddler is a completely new experience. It teaches patience, communication, and how to prepare yourself for the worst. While we have listed a few tips like buying a travel insurance plan to make your journey comfortable with your child, it is important to remember that with toddlers, plans can change at the spur of the moment. Hence, ensure that your travel plans are a little flexible. Also, look for short-distance destinations to begin with. Above all, do not forget to carry your toddler’s favourite toy. Safe travels!


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