Visit these Places in India To Feel Like You Are Abroad

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Every Indian dream of visiting exotic locations in far off countries, however often budgetary and time constraints come in between that dream. Plus, now during a global pandemic, those foreign countries’ borders are closed. So why bother going on an international holiday far away from India when there is so much to see here itself. From luscious green valleys, vibrant towns, exotic seaside beaches, ancient forts and foggy hills, Indians often forget that there is so much on offer here. Plus, when you travel in India you can find yourself saving time and money with low cost flights, friendly locals and great food!

There are so many locations in this country that will give you the feeling of being in an International country in terms of affordable prices and beautiful sights. Want to swim in the sea? Go to Goa. See the desert, visit Rajasthan. If you like mountains/hills, find yourself in Ooty and go to Manali for some snow! Below are some of the places we feel will give you the feeling like you are in a foreign land with the ability to plan a staycation.

If you’ve been waiting to see the majestic Niagara Falls, visiting Chhattisgarh will save your travel expenses rather than going all the way to Canada. India has one of its own Niagara Falls of India in the form of Chitrakote Waterfalls in Chhattisgarh. It is just such a magic waterfall and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

If you love tea and tea plantations, why don’t you visit Munnar in Kerala instead of a trip to Malaysia’s sprawling tea plantations. Munnar is considered one of the largest and most beautiful tea plantations in the world. The hilly location is well known for its continuous hills and great weather besides its yummy tea. The great part is that after a great stay, you get to take back Munnar’s world famous tea back with you.

Have you been dreaming of visiting the gorgeous towns and mountains of Switzerland? Think no further, just pack your bag and head to Khajjar or Gulmarg in Himachal Pradesh which is often referred to as the “Mini-Switzerland of India”. Here you’ll be closest to the snow filled mountains of the Himalayas, incredible food and some of the friendliest people in India if not the World!

If you ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon in America, you should know that we have our own Grand Canyon! This is known as the “Hidden Grand Canyon of India” located in Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh. The natural gorge has been formed over the years by the spectacular river Pennar. Besides the Gandikota Gorge, there are plenty of historic sights like the fort, beautiful temples and more.

With so many locations, great culture, ancient heritage and amazing food, it is no wonder that India is a very popular tourist destination. And with India being safe to travel, why suffer a 7 to 10-hour flight? Just buy flight tickets, pack your bags, double check your flight details and head on an adventure!




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