Why Go on 4WD Tours? Is it Worth the Time & Cost?

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Most vehicles manufactured for off-road applications are equipped with a permanent or non-permanent 4WD system. These vehicles are specially designed so that the two wheels can quickly lose contact with the ground and easily cover rugged terrain that can get stuck. If you are interested in 4WD tours, you must take of all the things that you need during the trip.

Four-wheel drive provides excellent grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.

1 Since in case of four-wheel drive power is used effectively, and you can get a safer and more confident feeling.

  1. When conquering difficult terrain such as mud, snow, rocks and other harsh driving environments, 4WD is unique in maintaining traction on a variety of low traction surfaces.
  2. The extra weight that the body brings to the frame is an advantage of grip when driving off-road.

Advanced four-wheel drive technology

4WD vehicles have evolved considerably over the years, and manufacturers such as Land Rover and Jeep have led the technological evolution of this segment. For example, Land Rover’s four-wheel drive luxury SUVs has a built-in terrain response system. It is an advanced electronic system that controls the behaviour of the vehicle on various surfaces. This gives the driver more options to fully configure the vehicle for the particular terrain they are driving. The system makes a novice off-road driver look like a pro, as smart software sets all throttles, vehicle heights and other traction settings at the push of a button. If you want experiencing a tour of the SimpsonĀ DesertĀ first hand, consider 4×4.

Advanced 1.4WD traction allows you to tackle steep, uneven slopes and slippery trails not possible with 2WD.

  1. Power is sent to all four wheels, and 4WD has a big advantage over 2WD derivatives.
  1. The differential to improve grip on slippery, bumpy, cross-axle terrain. I can.
  2. Power is transmitted to all wheels, so cornering is excellent and the load on each wheel is reduced.

4 The engine compression brake is reinforced to work with the 4WD transmission for easy and complete control over loose and slippery roads.

The latest 4WD is equipped with technologies such as hill descent control and hill climb assist.

If you live in a part of the world where it snows regularly in winter, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive is suitable for these conditions. Roads covered with snow and ice have the following advantages:

  1. With 4WD, you are confident that you will be driving on low-grip roads such as snow and ice.
  2. Power is evenly transmitted to all four wheels, so the amount of grip on snow is twice that of 2WD.

3.4WD is evenly distributed so it’s more balanced and safe on slippery roads.

  1. You can confidently leave the stop without turning the wheels
  2. The higher the driving position, the better the traffic situation.
  3. High ground clearance provides a good vantage point for finding dangers in advance
  4. Excellent ground clearance makes it easy to ride instead of passing through thick snow.

8.4WD offers excellent linear stability with excellent grip on multiple surfaces

  1. Provides peace of mind and confidence to explore unknown territories more comfortably

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Activate 4WD mode under the following conditions:

  1. Loose sandy beach
  2. Thick mud
  3. High dunes
  4. Steep and gentle slopes
  5. Long and delicate drops
  6. Deep river intersection.

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