4 Ideal Hiking Spots to Visit in Malaysia

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No doubt, Malaysia happens to be the best destination for hiking and its natural landscape accelerate its attraction more for foreign tourists, so you should plan to visit this destination this summer. Being a hiking enthusiast, you come across a nice weather enhancing your hiking experience but make sure that you are in the proper hiking gear otherwise you might come across an injury.

Unlike, other fun activities, hiking is the one that never puts any burden on your pocket and with that, it also has health benefits, so make your Malaysia’s trip healthy too with turning it memorable. There are many amazing spots for hitting this specific activity and to assist you for that, this blog has come up with some fantastic hiking spots that are very popular between both natives and foreign tourists so ponder to visit all of them.

  • Gunung Lambak  

You should begin your hiking journey with this amazing spot that gets you connected to the nature perfectly and as you reach the peak of this hill, you experience the stunning view of Kluang district. It means that you should consider visiting this awesome mountain during your trip to Malaysia. Furthermore, it is the year-round hiking destination for everyone and you find a large number of people both in morning and evening who visit it for hiking. While exploring hiking spots online, you should also visit the platform of Klook where you find various tourist attractions to make your trip ideal and for discounts, you need to get the Klook voucher code.

  • Gunung Tuhan

Yes, it should also be in your bucket list otherwise you might have the incomplete Malaysian trip this summer, so plan to visit it too and have an amazing hiking experience. If you can put your skills to the test then nothing ideal you can find than this hiking option, so do visit it and get close to the nature with gaining great health benefits. It gets divided into 3 treks; the first one begins from Sungai Relau straightaway to Gunung tahan and the second trek begins with same starting point “Sungai Relau” covering two peaks such as Gunung Tahanand and Kuala Tahan. The third trek kicks off from Kuala taha to the Sungai Relau through Gunung Tahan, so never miss out this challenging hiking spot.

  • Mount Kinabalu

No doubt, it is also the most beautiful and amazing trekking spot in Malaysia that everyone should visit and after reaching the peak, you view the amazing scene of the town. Therefore, you must plan to get to this mountain top and enhance your hiking skills perfectly but make sure that you are in proper gear as you cannot afford to get injured. It is the highest mountain situated in the Southeast region of Asia.

  • Bukit Tabur

It is also the best destination for hiking in the country that has not been explored fully yet, so you should add it into your list and try it during your vacation. Additionally, you require at least 3 hours to reach the peak, so you should have essentials such as water and other accessories while hiking in this spot.


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