5 Must try things in Bordeaux

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France has been a dreamland for the connoisseurs of cultural and architectural amusements. The country has uncountable vibrant and historical cities that set the magic for the tourists. Bordeaux is one of those cities that is historically and culturally flourishing. The city is offering tourists an ideal blend of tradition and modern vehemence.

There are lots of exciting things to do in Bordeaux but we have curated the things you should not miss out on. So, let’s check out these 5 must-try things in Bordeaux for you.

1.  Stroll around the beautiful parks

You can start your journey with a quality walking tour in Bordeaux and the best place to do that is the astounding parks. The city has many parks with mesmerizing views where you can enjoy the serenity, stroll around or even have a picnic. One of those popular parks is Parc de l’Ermitage Sainte-Catherine, commonly known as the Parc of Lormont. It is a stunning hilly park beside the Garonne River bank. The Parc Majolan has a forest landscape with stunning lakes, flowers and ruins. Lastly, the Jardin public is a great place to enjoy a picnic on a beautiful summer day.

2. Enjoy concerts in an Iboat or alehouse

Bordeaux is a city to enjoy concerts be it anywhere in the Opera, Iboat or a pub. If you want to enjoy a cultural concert, you must visit one of the most beautiful architectural landscapes, le Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. This magnificent historical landmark is the home to the Ballet of Bordeaux and the National Opera. Another best way to enjoy a classical music concert is to visit an auditorium like the Opera National of Bordeaux. However, if your want a funky concert, you should try the taverns in the city. You can also take an Iboat which is a 3-storeyed ferry.

3. Visit the marvellous gates of the city

The Gates are the other kinds of tourist attractions in Bordeaux some of which literally dates back to the 15th century. These gigantic and astonishing gates are the most unique part of the city as only 5 of them are still standing tall. These gates mark the old borders of the city from the time when it was a little town circled by walls and entrance gates. Porte de Bourgogne is one of them that faces the river and Porte d’Aquitaine on Place de la Victiore. Whereas le Porte Cailhau and the Grosse Cloche are in the city centre, Porte Dijeaux is in the west of the historical place. These gates are evidence of stunning historical events which are significant to the city.

4. A visit to the La Cité du Vin is a must

If you are looking for a dash of modernity in this cultural city, a visit to the La Cité du Vin is a must. This monument serves an ultra-modern, futuristic look with a similar cultural vibe. Along with that, you can enjoy everything about wine in this museum. This high-tech place teaches the history of the drink with information about places and methods of making it. You will experience a 10-hour-long audio-visual to learn about wine with a belvedere bar to enjoy a glass of it.

5. Admire the Place de la Bourse

The previously mentioned old town walls turned into a past with the majestic square, Place de la Bourse. It was established during the 1720s on the left Garonne River bank with the magical design of Jacques Gabriel. This square is known as the favourite architecture of Louis XV and a significant spot in the city. You can enjoy the sculpted face, water mirror and a misty shallow water body.

Finishing it up

So, these are the most significant and 5 must-try things in Bordeaux. Now that you know the things you should not miss, plan a trip to the city with all these on your to-do list.



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