5 Must Visited Places in Rwanda

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Rwanda, a place in the centre of Africa, is considered the epitome of natural beauty. The place represents the primitive essence of Africa in a unique way. Therefore, the place attracts nature lovers and travellers all over the world to explore. In addition, the place is a haven for adventure lovers. You will enjoy the breath-taking activities of mountain gorillas and other animals in the dense forest of the mountains.

In this piece, you will get to know some of the most attractive places to visit in Rwanda to enjoy nature, serenity and adventure simultaneously.

List of the Best Places in Rwanda

Known as the “land of thousand hills”, Rwanda holds the tourists with its mind-blowing natural settings. The places that can give you some of the best experiences in Rwanda are,

  1. Kigali

The capital city of Rwanda, Kigali, is one of the main attraction points of this area. The place can give you the best experience in exploring the authenticity of Africa. In addition, the place will give you a

Famous Places to Visit: Some famous places in Kigali are moving Genocide Memorial, the grand presidential palace etc.

Top Things to Do: You can do 4wd safari tour in Rwanda day safari in national parks in Kigali. In addition, roaming in the Kigali bazaar also be entertaining to you.

  1. Volcanos National Park

Volcanos National Park is one of the most adventurous places in Africa. The mist top mountains and amazing scenery of nature will never fail to thrill you. In addition, it is the home to famous mountain gorillas of Africa.

Famous Places to Visit: Lake Ruhondo and Burera

Top Things to Do: You can go hiking, trekking, and photography in this region. Further, you can do golden monkey trekking and gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

  1. Gisenyi

Situated in Rwanda, Gisenyi is a tranquil hamlet, giving you the best possible serenity and freshness. The area is mainly known for its picturesque view of lake Kivu.

Famous Places to Visit: You can visit nearby places such as Kibuye, north-western Rwanda, Butare, etc.

Top Things to Do: In this place, you can enjoy fishing, boat riding, visiting hot springs, and sightseeing in this region.

  1. Nyanza

The place is famous for three great lakes, Albert, Nyanza and Victoria. Nyanza is famous for its marvellous nature view. In addition, the dusty roads of this region bear the history of the royal age of Africa. Therefore, the place is equally appealing to history and nature lovers.

Famous Places to Visit: Popular places you can visit in Nyanza are Kisumu, Homa Bay, Kisii, Mbita etc.

Top Things to Do: You can enjoy several ways in Nyanza, for example, visiting national parks, solo trips, multi-day trips, adventure sports etc.

  1. Ruhengeri

Situated in northern Rwanda, Ruhengeri summons travellers from all over India with its amazing beauty and famous tourist spots. The scene of lofty mountains merging with the glorious sky will snatch your attention.

Famous Places to Visit: Some famous places in Ruhengeri are Davinci Gorilla Lodge, Musanze cave, Volcanoes National Park etc.

Top Things to Do: You can enjoy trekking, hiking, adventure sports, gorilla trekking etc.


Africa is a place of wonder. Here you can enjoy the city life and nature at the same time. In addition, the rustic environment will take you back to the primitive world of human civilization. Therefore, whether you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker Africa should be in the top of the list of your favourite holiday places. Therefore, consider this guide on famous places in Rwanda and plan your next trip to the lap of nature.


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