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Find our car rental checklist to avoid any unpleasant surprises when returning your car to the rental agency. It is important to check the following points when renting a car from a rental agency. To avoid any scams you can also check out our article. Your car hire Rhodes Airport will be easier then.

Car Rental Checklist: Bring a copy of your reservation

A simple reference or your name is often enough to be able to pick up your car rental agency. However in case of disagreement or dispute, it is better to have a copy of your reservation to specify the type of reservation you have made. On the reservation is specified the car category, mileage included as well as insurance and options included in your booking. A copy on your phone is sufficient, however it is better to have a paper version.

Car Rental Checklist: Check the contract before signing it

This may seem logical but after long hours of flight or travel and sometimes more than an hour to queue at the ticket office to recover his rental vehicle. So we can tend to go a little fast and fly over the car rental contract . Remember to re-read all tariff lines and options and make sure that the total rental is the amount you paid online or the amount of your reservation if you pay at the rental agency.

Once you have read the contract you can sign it and keep a copy. If the contract is not in French you can ask the agency to provide you the contract. Most agencies will do this automatically but it may happen that the contract is in the language of the country where you rent the car.

Check options, insurance and mileage included

Some options are sometimes added by default in some rental agencies, such as supplementary insurance, GPS , unlimited mileage or full by the agency when returning the vehicle (very expensive options). Check that the contract does not include additional options in relation to what you want. If you are told that the options are mandatory, insist and show your booking confirmation to the agent with all services included and not included in your rental agreement.

Check the external condition of the car

If you pick up your vehicle in a small agency, you will often be accompanied to make the tour of the vehicle. You will then sign the status of the vehicle’s location after verification. This step is very important because it will allow you to specify the condition of the vehicle’s location any damage or problems. Thus all the current damage on the vehicle will not be charged to you and cannot be charged.

At most car rental locations within stations and airports, you will be asked to sign the status report before picking up the vehicle. This is not really conventional but it is a common practice and it will be difficult to refuse. It would be very expensive to have an employee accompany each customer to check the condition of the vehicle. In this case if you see more damage on the vehicle than the one mentioned on the state of the place, you must return to the rental desk and you register on the state of the place the damage noted. If you do not do this, you will be held responsible for all damages.


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