Traveling Florida on a Budget

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Florida benefits from a subtropical climate, marked by the influence of the Gulf Stream, and climatic conditions unique to North America. Winters are dry and mild, sometimes cool, it can freeze in the north of the state; the summers are hot and humid marked by numerous thunderstorms, as torrential as they are brief, it is one of the places in the world where the frequency of thunderstorms is the highest)! The off-seasons generally offer a lot of sun and softness. Here are the travel tips for you now.

No Specific Season

No particular season in the end to visit Florida but you should know that the period from late August to November is marked by a high risk of hurricanes: Florida is known for the devastating hurricanes that regularly hit its coasts, in particular the city of Miami. Everyone is fully prepared and the surveillance backup or evacuation arrangements are very well organized – just follow the instructions, go with the flow and exercise caution. Hurricanes are regular but not systematic either.

Weekdays are the Best

Go on weekdays as the prices charged on weekends in Miami and Orlando are much higher than those during the week simply because, like Las Vegas, these two cities are popular weekend destinations for Americans (to party, enjoy the beaches, visit theme parks with the family, etc.). During the week, hotels and accommodation are less crowded, so they are more willing to break their rates. Even as you visit the orlando florida restaurants you can get the best rates there.

Namely also:

Be careful of the Miami business agenda and Orlando, destinations which are also used at trade shows, seminars or conventions. Opportunities where luxury and business hotels are filled! Book well in advance for a stay in Florida in high season. If you want to visit Florida in the middle of winter, especially at the end of the year celebrations, or on the occasion of an American holiday, you must above all anticipate your purchase of a plane ticket and your accommodation reservation. Prices are high and availability difficult to find at a reasonable budget.

The Right Alternative

A good alternative in couple or in family, which allows to have a basic “turnkey” offer, that is to say: correct accommodation on each stage, car rental with unlimited mileage and GPS, a planned route with the great must-sees (Miami, Keywest, Orlando, Everglades. Afterwards, within this framework, we do a little as we want: the entries in the parks and the visits are not included, it is necessary to foresee an additional budget. Advantage: this type of offer is not necessarily very expensive in high season, provided you stay outside of school holidays.

Last Words

You can also opt for an organized tour in Florida, in classic formula. It is more expensive but there is generally a full catering formula and tours or activities included (Cape Canaveral, Orlando theme parks). Budget: from 2000/3000$ per person, depending on content, duration and standing. You can also choose the nice nice restaurants in Florida hotel  for best food experience.


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