Visit Maui and spot one of the adventures creature of ocean Whales!!

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Visit Maui and spot one of the adventures creature of ocean Whales!!

Have you learned about one of the famous at adventure creature of the earth? It is none other than whales who live in water. If you are planning for tour in Maui then wait a minute. You should definitely visit the best whales watching place. For this tool you need to spend dollars 80 per person. In the month of November to April you can visit here anytime. Two hours will be enough to watch the famous spot for this creature. In this article you will know where you can easily spot whales in Maui. Let us know in detail about it and know the exact diving condition to watch the whales.

What are included in tour?

If you have already decided the Tour of Wales you Might get the following condition.

    • The captain and the crew member will guide you and will give you all the information related to humpbacks in Maui. Humpback’s is basically the season when whales change is there Place.
    • The song which is sung by the whales can easily be detected with the help of headphones and speakers. So you can basically give the speakers or headphones so that you can avail this music.
  • The hydration of water should be maintained and the bottle made of plastic is used for this purpose. 

The special package for whales

You might be wondering where to spot whales in Maui. It has some special package which will make your trip more passionate and remember.

  • Whales are found in marine water and the life of a marine and the love for humpbacks is the true passion for the crew who deal with it. They entertain and have experience throughout the life to expertise the life of humpbacks.
  • They will make your destination more memorable because they own family owned business.
  • They will provide you with fast ride boat where maximum 15 members can hold the position. This simply means that you can examine the whales from close eye.


In your lifetime if you have not experienced this do visit and experience this destination. It is one of the best destination places to visit and enjoy. Travel with your friends and families and enjoy each and every day. Your dream will come true while watching the whales from near and close eye. With our one of the best and unique creatures in the earth it is gifted by God.



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