6 Adventurous Ways to Explore Cuba

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Cuba in 1950 was in old model with the superb nightlife. However, the racism and political imbroglio boosted up the insurgency in this country. US and Cuba relationship was not smooth. Later, this small country tried best to restore its position improving economic, geo political and socio status. Today, Cuba is a wonderful destination for foreigners. Six adventurous things to do in Cuba must give travelers full scale enthusiasm and excitement. Explore in such a gorgeous classic country which is nice, awesome and unmistakably lustrous in elegance. 

Scuba Diving – Must for You to Do 

The long extension of coastal areas and sea-beaches in Caribbean land is ideal for scuba diving. Meet unknown marine creatures, and grouter fish while diving in the sea. Gardens of Sea in Cuba preserves countless underwater creatures which are mysterious for you. Columbus visited Gardens of Sea and appreciated in his personal diary. The deep greenery and fathomless beauty of the Caribbean Sea attracts scuba drivers to participate in such wonderful outdoor water sports. Cubera snappers, Nassau and Goliath groupers can become a threat to you. Scuba diving in Cuba is interesting sport and travelers like to go for exploration in the deep sea. 

Deep Sea Navigation and Fishing 

Caribbean water is briny and marine fish feels comfy to stay underwater. The vastness of the sea tempts people searching for adventure. Fishing is one of the wonders for newcomers who prefer fishing and navigation underwater. You will catch rare marine breeds which are not known. During your long trip to Cuba, do not forget to go to the seaside with your fishing kit for adventurous exploration. 


With the steady improvement in the Caribbean ecosystem, the economic structure of this country gets back for stability. Besides, US administration is willing to establish the long rapport with the Cuban government. The result is positive and therefore the coastal areas in Cuba are now upgraded. Especially, the Gardens and Queen National Park are most attractive destinations for tourists. They hire small and large live boards for cruise trip. Sailing and scuba diving at these spots are charming and interesting. 

Hunting Expedition 

Though hunting is illegal, Cuba is an exception. Hunt doves and other animals. If you have the legal permit, you can take your hunting associates to deep jungle for nocturnal mission. This expedition is really enjoyable. 

Hiking – Much Adventurous for Travelers 

Hiking, and trekking expeditions take place in Cuba. Especially, during winter seasons, people are crazy to visit Cuba only for hiking, trekking and under sky safaris. If you have no weakness and physical incompetence, pack up for next hiking trip. From Granma Landing to Havana, this long journey will make you wild in excitement. 

Dance Tour in Cuba 

Music and dancing are Cuba traditions. Dance changes one’s life. Gain the utmost bouncing speed to feel awesome. In Cuba, top dance tour companies arrange fleets of vehicles for long distance travelling with a group of professional dancers. You can move your body with great and dashing Afro-American dancers. Salsa is such a popular dance genre for Caribbean citizens. Dance tour in Cuba is a part of the trip to Cuba. In this connection, bookmark few top local Salsa dancing groups to have the best treatment during your summer vacation trip to Cuba. 

These six adventurous ways to get fun in Cuba must not bore you. When night life in the city of Cuba is still unbeaten, you can do other things to modify your mood. Be an escapist and enjoy the holidays in different ways like scuba diving, trekking, hunting and participation in Salsa dance exploration. 


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