Activity Holidays Guide

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Activity holidays are popular vacation types where you spend a certain amount of time, ranging from several days to numerous weeks or months, either in your own country or elsewhere, taking part in one or more activities. You might take part in activities on a “normal” vacation, but activity holidays are different because the activity (or activities) is the main focus of your vacation, not just an add-on.

Usually they cost more than “regular” vacations, but not always. You can organize your own trip and save money, up to hundreds of dollars, but it’s difficult when you need to stick to a rigid schedule or you don’t speak the native language. Also, using a good activity holiday company for your bookings ensures your safety is taken care of, even though these trips are more risky, since their reputation relies on it.

Such vacations are usually offered as all-inclusive packages, to the price you seen in brochures or on websites includes food and accommodation, and also the instructions you’ll get from your guides. Sometimes insurance and transportation is also included, so make sure you ask and get confirmation in writing as to exactly what’s included or not.

Most of these trips are group holidays for adults, but you can also find those that cater to children and families. The group sizes tend to be small, with an average of just 10-15 people, but it varies with the type of activity you’re doing. A smaller group means a more enjoyable experience, because your guide can give you more attention and you’ll spend less time waiting.


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