Annapurna trek- A trek of different terrains

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Trekking is a fun and adventure-filled activity for today’s youth. There are several choices for enthusiasts amongst which Annapurna trek is one of a kind. It is a trekking expedition in the Central Nepal mountain ranges. The length of the trek routes varies from 160 kilometers to 230 kilometers depending on various factors. The trek conveniently circles the Annapurna Massif offering mesmerizing views of the massif. Crossing two different river valleys, one gets to test his/her physical fitness white trekking through the route. The highest point lies at 5,416 meters touching Tibetan Plateau’s edge at Thorung La pass. 

What is special about Annapurna Trek? 

Annapurna Trek is quite a popular trek that people indulge in Nepal. For anyone willing to take a moderate to difficult level trek, this is quite an amazing choice. The Annapurna massif features the tenth highest peak in the world. Sitting at a height of 8,091 meters, Annapurna I is quite an attraction for mountaineers. Apart from this, there are several other treasures awaiting nature lovers and trekkers. 

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Mountain views to leave you awestruck

Annapurna Trek feeds your soul with impeccable mountain views even before the trek begins. Right from Pokhara, you can relish the stunning mountain views. As soon as one reaches to Ghandruk, there lie the stunning views of Hiunchuli, South Annapurna, and Machapuchare. The views of Machapuchare and Annapurna massif keep consistently along till Sinuwa. Machapuchare is visible in full glory as one reaches the forest nestled past Deurali and Himalaya. Machapuchare is one of the most appreciated fish-tailed mountains in Nepal for its stunning beauty. It is said that Lord Shiva used to dwell here sometime back in time. Though it hasn’t been officially penned to date. While camping at the Machapuchare camp one gets to relish the views of marvels including Machapuchare, Annapurna South, Hiunchuli, Annapurna I, and Gangapurna.

Annapurna Conservation Area trekking

Annapurna trek takes you through a wide range of vegetation. One comes across lush rhododendron, bamboo, and fern vegetation while trekking to Chomrung to Ghandruk. The forest cover gets dense as one enters the Annapurna sanctuary after crossing Sinuwa. High-risen oak trees prominently stand tall in this region. Further ahead as one leads upwards to Deurali a grassland awaits you. This region also features Daphne trees that are used to make paper by the locals. 

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There are three sections in all where one requires crossing a forest cover. The forest cover is lush green allowing barely any sunlight to touch the ground. The Annapurna Conservation Area is 7,629 square kilometers vast where you get an opportunity to trek amidst a wide range of flora and fauna. It is home to over 1,226 flower species and various species of exotic birds and animals.


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