Best Small Towns You Can Visit Near Seattle

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When you are in Seattle, there are a lot of things to do and explore around the city. But, at times to enjoy the right peace and harmony in your life, you have to go far away from the city life. This is the time when you can head out to one of the many small towns that are present near the urban center of Seattle. These villages and towns are the abode of natural elements & here you can experience nature in its truest form. So, check out the small towns which can be the top weekend getaways in Washington.

Carnation – if you are planning to book a weekend getaway during the autumn season, then you should definitely visit Carnation. This exquisitely beautiful village gets a completely new makeover during the autumn season. The town is covered with fallen leaves from the thousands of trees that are present in and around the city. Every street you walk through, it will be completely golden and yellow. If you have never witnessed fall colors before, then Carnation is the best place where you can visit.

Edison – famous for its several bread farms, Edison is just a few miles from Seattle. If you are planning for a long drive and spend the weekend in a small village away from the city, then Edison can be a great choice. This old timber town has a classic and old-school vibe that can really take you back in time. From the wooden buildings to beautiful parks in every neighborhood, Edison is a very friendly place to spend a few days and rediscover yourself. Don’t forget to visit the local pubs and cafés.

Vashon – just a 20 minutes ferry from Seattle will take you to our next destination – Vashon. The small town is packed with lively pubs, clubs, restaurants and shopping centers. It seems that this town never sleeps and the people are always planning something fun. Maury Island is a good place to drop by if you are in Vashon. The town also has access to some really good beaches which are not yet very popular and that is why you can visit them and enjoy some alone time with all the privacy.

Poulsbo – a village that has carried over the Scandinavian theme and culture for decades now, Poulsbo is the place where you can visit and enjoy some great time with all the friendly people who are out there. The best part about this place is that it offers a fantastic getaway into the heart of nature and experiences a vibe that is all natural and away from the city life. The beer pubs and small cafes are a must visit to try out their local Scandinavian cuisine. The view from the village is something you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

Coupeville – situated in the middle of Whidbey Island, Coupeville is perfect for a two days trip during the weekend. The town has access to both the east and west coasts of the country. In the east you can find beautiful and authentic buildings styled in the Victorian architecture. In the west, you can check out the Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. All the locations are worth the visit and can surely help you enjoy your weekend even more. The city also has some gorgeous parks and gardens.

So, these are the top villages and small towns near Seattle where you can visit and enjoy the weekend with your family or friends. Make sure to book your rooms before visiting them due to the limited presence of hotels here.


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