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In the next lines, Marrakech Desert Trip will discuss the different ways to enjoy the erg Chebbi dunes on your Marrakech desert tours 3 days.

Indeed, we will explain in details several possible options are possible.

The bivouac experience in the middle of the dunes is unforgettable. This is the solution chosen by most travelers. You will have no trouble finding an agency to make you live this experience since the desert is dotted with camps. The most basic can be found directly on site with touts, but it will certainly haggle to get a good price. By booking online, you eliminate the haggling step and you can be reassured by reading reviews from previous customers. Above all, you can choose the level of comfort that suits you, from a simple sleeping bag to a luxury tent. Once the reservation is made, the managers will indicate a meeting place for you in the afternoon and a guide will pick you up, either by camel or by Marrakech safari 4 × 4.

Sleeping in a hotel and walking alone in the dunes: this is the solution that suited some best. As thy did not want to ride a camel or use a 4 × 4, they organized their visit alone, without going through an agency. There are many hotels in the village of Merzouga itself, but the dunes are not very quiet, constantly crossed by quads, 4 × 4 and camels. Try to privilege like us the village of Hassilabied, 7km further north. Other hotels are located in the vicinity and benefit from the same ideal location, on the east side of the road, facing the dunes. However, if you don’t know where and how to plan your visit. You want everything to be perfect. Marrakech day trip Travel consultant advise and plan memorable Morocco desert tour from Marrakech.

Sleep at the hotel and take excursions lasting a few hours: if you are not interested in walking, it is easy to go on an hour or two of camel riding at sunset or sunrise. Either by joining a group, or with a private guide. The dunes are already superb within 500m of the shore.


Finally, you may want to rent a quad. This is the choice of some travelers and, to tell you the truth. The drop-off can be either in Fes or Marrakech. We offer tours starting from Marrakech such as Marrakech to fes desert tour and fes to Marrakech desert tours 3 days. We also offer private Marrakech to zagora desert tour.


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