Jewish Tours to Israel – Places you should visit

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GS Travel helps tourists visiting Israel to have a memorable and spiritual experience while they are staying at the holy land of Israel. The country is full of rich history, culture, and holy sites that can change your view towards this amazing place forever. 

Visiting Jewish holy places have been a life-changing experience for many. It is “ a land flowing with milk and honey”. DEUTERONOMY (26:9). The staff at GS Travel consist of knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate people who take their work very seriously. You can rely on us to curate a customized itinerary for a more personalized experience. 

Here are some of the places you can visit while being in Israel. 

Jewish tour to The Western Wall

It is the last remaining wall where the ancient temple of Solomon and the Holy of Holies – the Gate to Haven used to stand. It is the most sacred place for the Jew community. Therefore, it is one of the most popular holy places in Israel. The western side has two separate areas reserved for prayer. On the left side of the wall, men offer prayer while on the right side, women can offer prayer. According to the tradition, prayers write their prayers on notes and put these notes in the cracks between the rocks. 

Jewish tour to the Temple Mount

Temple Mount is the place where King Solomon built the Great Temple of Jerusalem. The temple contains the ark of the convent with the Ten Commandments. The temple mount is believed to be a site where Abraham planned to sacrifice his son Isaac to God. The Temple Mountain also held the foundation stone where earth was created. 

Just outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem, another holy place Jews exist – The Tomb of King David. 

Jewish tour to the Masada 

Masada is a symbol of courage and bravery to preserve national and religious identity. UNESCO has declared these places as a World Heritage site. In the year 73, the 960 Jewish living at the Fortress built by King Herod chooses to commit suicide rather than to be alive in the custody of Romans when they besieged Masada. The site offers unmatched vast views of the Dead Sea and Judean desert that makes it one of the most popular tourist sites.

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