The Best Edinburg Hostels You Should Add to Your Travelling List

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Edinburgh is among the cities in the UK that are under-appreciated and is a delight. Although it is expensive, Edinburgh is a true jewel of the UK because it lets you see the collision between present Scotland and historical Britain. Edinburgh is full of everything!

However, with the number of hostels to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to start. That’s why this article will present some of the Best Hostels in Edinburgh that are categorized by your preference.

The 3 Most Excellent Hostels in Edinburgh

1. Overall Best Hostel in Edinburgh – Castle Rock Hostel 

There are many reasons for Castle Rock Hostel without doubt the top accommodation located in Edinburgh by 2021. Everyone is content leaving Castle Rock, so make sure to book rooms for New Year’s Eve or Hogmanay to get a free ticket to the legendary street celebration. As a carbon-neutral hostel and a place that encourages recycling, Castle Rock is a top hostel in Edinburgh because of its commitment to the earth. The dorm rooms are chic clean, well-lit, and spotless.

Double rooms with privacy, four rooms dorm rooms, and quadruple rooms are offered, and each includes a locker for keeping your belongings safe.

The Scottish-owned hostel is just only a few steps from train and bus stops. It’s located on the top of the hill, just opposite Grass market. The 30-minute drive from the hostel to Edinburgh Airport is by vehicle.

2. Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Edinburgh – St Christopher’s Edinburgh

Because St. Christopher is the patron saint of travellers, logically, it is the best choice for travellers. St. Christopher’s Edinburgh is the best hotel in Edinburgh for solo travellers as well as a haven for backpackers traveling to Scotland on their own. There are a variety of alternatives for solo travellers to get together and interact with fellow travellers because of the Belushi bar and restaurant.

This hostel is right in the middle of all the excitement. It’s not necessary to travel more than 10 minutes to places such as Edinburgh Castle and The Royal Mile regardless of entertainment, cultural events, or historic relics.

Additionally, you can choose from a variety of fantastic accommodation options. Choose one of the cosy private rooms with views of the city, if you have the money. The large dorms are suitable for those who enjoy socializing. No matter which one you pick you to prefer, there is always an ample locker for you to keep your belongings.

3. Best Cheap Hostel in Edinburgh – Kick Ass Greyfriars

It’s not necessary to travel far to locate Kick Ass Greyfriars if you’re searching for the best cheap accommodation in Edinburgh. The most affordable hostel located in Edinburgh, Kick Ass Greyfriars is a great dorm that offers affordable rooms, without sacrificing amenities or cleanliness.

Every weeknight, Kick Ass Greyfriars and Kick Ass Grassmarket collaborate to offer guests free evenings of events in the bar, as well as free walking tours around the city.

This hostel permits two-for-one reservations, meaning you can bring a friend at no cost. Additionally, you’ll have the option of two different hostels since the hostel that is a sister to Kick Ass Grassmarket will let you use its facilities also.

Due to its central location in Old Town, all of the nightclubs, tourist attractions, and landmarks of culture can be reached on foot.


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