Trekking the Everest Base Camp in 12 Days is the Best Plan

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Introduction –               

One of the things that you should know is that if you wish to do an Everest base camp trek in Nepal, then you should do it within 12 days. Then, you can spend the rest of your day or time in Namche Bazaar and go hiking in Chhukung Valley. Besides all of that, make sure that you don’t get the AMS (altitude mountain sickness), it is only then your Everest base camp trek will be a comfortable one. Also, you should know that for many people, doing an Everest base camp trek is everything else, and it ranks high on the list of several bucket lists. Mount Everest is also known as the Chomolungma, which is known as the Mother Goddess of Earth. Another thing that you will note is that several thousand books have been written and many films have been shot here. Besides all of that, for 100 years, men have been trying to control and understand the splendour of Mount Everest.

Days It Takes to Trek Everest Base Camp – 

One of the major reasons people come to the Everest region is to go trekking. Everest region is also known as Khumbu Region. There are some people who prefer to call it the Annapurna Region. Also, because the Mount Everest base camp trek is so well-known, some people underestimate and misunderstand the risks of AMS and the general safety in the mountains. Seeing mountain Everest in the pictures and trekking the Everest base camp is a different thing and all that matters. Many people wish to complete the trekking in 10 days, and some want to finish it within 9 days. So, let’s look at how long the Everest base camp trek is. The basic Everest base camp trek will be 130 kilometres round trip, which is divided into 12 days. Out of those 12 days, it will take you 8 days to get to the Everest base camp and 4 days to get back.

Be Prepared & Choose 12 Days Only – 

Also, because the base camp trek is so well-known with the adrenaline people or addicts, that many people understand and do not take seriously the sickness and other safety, which they should follow. So, if you want to do the Everest base camp trek, then one of the best things to do is to do it in 12 days. All you need to do is be fit, and altitude sickness is very common and can happen to anyone. So, be wise and choose your itinerary for at least 12 days, and don’t be in a hurry. So, get your hiking boots prepared and be ready for a once in a lifetime hike, where you will also come across beautiful scenery, traditions and culture, wildlife, and so much more.

Trekking to Phakding for 4 hours 

You will have to board a good flight of 30 minutes to Lukla early in the morning. so that you can enjoy the Himalayas and see them nicely as you reach the Lukla airport. Then, after a good breakfast, you will begin your trekking. The hiking to Phakding is reasonably for 3 hours and one through the Dudhkosi valley. You will be going to the north from the airstrip to Chheplung, and then you will be crossing the Thadokoshi River, which is a local style suspension bridge. You will also be able to view the peaks, i.e., Kanggru and Kusum, which are some of the most difficult peaks to climb. Then, you will continue your ascent till the time you reach the beauteous village of Phakding, where you will have to stay for the night, and then think and plan your trekking ahead, i.e., the Namche Bazar, which will be a 6-hour hike.


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