Things That Are Covered Under The Travel Insurance Plans

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While preparing for any trip, let it be with family or friends, honeymoon or a professional one, there is always a huge checklist that we have to go through multiple times to make sure you pack everything. However, most of us forget to include travel insurance in the checklist. Some may think it is irrelevant while some are so confident that nothing bad can ever happen to them.

Unfortunately, we may have control over what we pack and what we don’t, but we do not have any control over what can happen before or during the trip. Thus, it is essential to buy travel insurance at the time of booking your tickets. That being said, to choose the right plan you should know what all travel insurances generally cover. All Travel Insurance Policies mostly cover basic things such as cancellations, evacuations, medical expenses, loss or delays and 24/7 support.

Here are more details about what type of coverage you get with your travel insurance plan

  1. Cancelled Trips: For travelers, cancellation of the trip is one of the major concerns as they spend a lot of money while planning it. Plane tickets, tour packages, hotel bookings, cruise fare and other expenses are just tip of the iceberg. If the money you have invested is pre-paid and non-refundable, you may lose a huge amount amid cancellation. The travel insurance provides cover for such cancellations and reimburses you for the same. You will get reimbursement in case of:
  • Sickness, injury or death of you or any of your family member or travel companion
  • Your destination gets destroyed by natural events
  • Your leave from the office gets cancelled
  • There is a terrorist attack in the destination city
  • Your travel supplier announces bankruptcy

This is just a partial list. Please check with your insurance provider for more details.

  1. Medical emergencies abroad: Most people believe that they are covered for medical emergencies abroad with the existing health care insurance (if any). However, it is not true, and most of the health insurance plans specifically mention that they will not provide cover for any medical emergencies overseas. The travel insurance will provide you with such cover. Also, with the help of add-ons, you can get better cover in terms of a health emergency. Medical expense coverage provides financial support in case of accidents and medical or dental emergencies.
  2. Emergency evacuations: This type of cover will pay the authorities on your behalf for the money spent on services like airlifts, medically equipped flights back home and transport to a hospital of your choice. On foreign land, the evacuation bills can create a big hole in your pocket if you do not have travel insurance.
  3. Lost bags, delayed bags, delayed flights: Every year, thousands of bags get lost during transit. The baggage coverage reimburses you for the personal belongings in the luggage in case it gets lost or damaged. In case of a delay, the insurance company will provide you with money for the essential items such as swimsuit, toiletry kit and a set of clothes. In case of a travel delay, the insurance company will reimburse you for the additional expenses that you have to pay for such as a hotel or food.
  4. Phone assistance 24/7 worldwide: One of the most important aspects of travel insurance is the 24/7 phone assistance. In case you get stuck somewhere while traveling, such service can become your lifeline. The customer support team can provide you with support for medical emergencies, lost passports, cancelled flights and stolen baggage. They can:
  • Find out about the nearest hospital.
  • Arrange medical transportation.
  • Arrange for medical treatment
  • Arrange travel back to home
  • Provide support for stolen or lost passport and other travel documents
  • Emergency telephone interpretation

Having a travel plan can be a boon

In today’s time, travelling from one corner of the world to the other corner has become easier and quicker. However, with such a vast array of travel options, no one can assure you that you may not get in trouble while being on the foreign land. From trip cancellation to a medical emergency and from losing passport to evacuation from the hotel, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. If you have travel insurance with you, the insurance company will not only reimburse you for the loss but also provide 24/7 assistance in case of an emergency.

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