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If you are starting a new travel business, there are many important aspects of the travel industry that you should know. From the best travel times of year for destinations around the world, to which travel company certifications you need and why, the more industry knowledge that you have, the better chance your travel company has of being successful.

What An ATOL Consultant Can Do For You

With that being said, we are going to focus on those certifications that your travel business will need. These include the ATOL licence and IATA accreditation. Depending on the type of your travel business, and whether you will be acting as the organiser or as a retail agent, you could need both. This is where an experienced ATOL Consultant or IATA Consultant can be useful. An ATOL consultant can explain just what an ATOL licence is, why you need one and how you can obtain your ATOL licence or IATA accreditation so you can start growing your travel business sooner.

Additionally, an ATOL Consultant or IATA Consultant can explain the cost, financial, bonding and other requirements needed for ATOL and IATA, and help you complete the application form, assisting you with compilation of the supporting documentation and liaising with ATOL or IATA until the application is granted. An ATOL Consultant can also help you to understand the monthly, quarterly and annual requirements, as well as any other issues you’re your travel business might face.

Growing Your Existing Travel Business

Even if your travel business is already established, an experienced ATOL Consultant or IATA Consultant can help, especially if you have been running your travel business as an agent or sub-agent without having your own ATOL. If you feel like you might want to obtain your own ATOL, working with an experienced ATOL Consultant can make the process that much easier. 

Expert Assistance To Manage Your ATOL Or IATA Requirements

If you already have your ATOL licence and IATA accreditation, but need assistance managing the various aspects associated with them including merging companies, combining licences or changing licence types, an experienced ATOL Consultant can help with that as well. 

Contact LI Advisors

To learn how you can get your ATOL, ABTA and IATA certifications, contact LI Advisors and speak with an expert in UK travel regulations today.

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