Things To Know While Travelling To Tokyo From Hong Kong

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Travelling from Hong Kong to Tokyo is quite a common idea. Many people In Hong Kong travel to and from Tokyo for business and leisure. The two cities are the most popular among tourists due to tourist attractions, business hubs and places of special interest. Here are some of the top questions asked when someone plans travelling from Hong Kong to Tokyo.

  1. Which is the fastest way to travel to Tokyo from Hong Kong?

One can fly from Hong Kong to Tokyo to reach the city the fastest. The flights from airlines like Cathay Pacific run regularly between these two cities. On an average, the flight takes 7h 7m. You can expect the cost of flight to be between $800 and $3000 depending upon the class, airline or time of travel chosen. The flights offering best experience offer sumptuous meals, comfortable seats and lots of options for entertaining the self, making the travel the finest experience for their patrons.

  1. Which airports are directly connected?

There is direct flight between Hong Kong and Tokyo. The flight connects Hong Kong airport to Tokyo Haneda airport directly. You can reach to the online airline ticketing systems to select the directly connected sites and get the ticket over phone or email. The direct flight saves lot of time and one does not need to go through lay overs or flight change hassles. This becomes quite convenient especially when you are travelling with kids.

  1. What are the timings of first and last Cathay Pacific flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo?

Cathay Pacific runs it first flight at 10:30 in the morning and it arrives Tokyo at 16:05 hours. Similarly, the last flight is at 10:30 in night that drops passengers at 04:05 am next day. Thus, if you are on business trip, you need to start one day in advance. Alternatively, you can board night flight and come back the same day if you are on one-day tour. Perhaps, because of this strategic timing, the airline sees lot of business passengers. There are total of about 160 flights operational between two cities.

  1. What is the time difference between Hong Kong and Tokyo?

Tokyo is on the east side of Hong Kong. The time difference between the two cities is of one hour. Tokyo time is one hour ahead of Hong Kong. So, there will not be much of jet lag to tackle for people travelling between two cities.

  1. What are the best times to travel to Tokyo?

Tokyo offers pleasant weather in the months of March, April, October and November. If you are planning to go to Tokyo in any of these months, you must book accommodation about one month in advance. Though there are lots of last minute flights available, staying can become challenging due to high demand.

So, get acquainted with all these facts about travelling from Hong Kong to Tokyo before planning any trip. These facts can help you have the best travel and stay experience in the capital city of Japan when you are travelling from Hong Kong.


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