Here Are The Top 5 Attractions In Tacloban!

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Typhoon Yolanda once devastated the town of Tacloban and it was down to ruins in 2013. But, not it is a different story altogether. The entire town has been rebuilt, and tourism is flourishing once again as tourists want to enjoy the fantastic attractions and outdoor activities. Tacloban is blessed with verdant greenery and natural beauty which attracts more tourists towards itself. So, if you are planning to spend your next holidays in Tacloban, then you must check out the Tacloban hotels and also these top 5 attractions here.

Kanhuraw Hill – it is the place where the City Hall of Tacloban is established. It faces the lush nooks and shady trees, providing a wonderful rest to a lot of tourists who come here to explore. People visit here for a picnic with their families, joggers host fitness sessions, and there are also occasional skateboarders around the place. This is the center of the town and holds the true essence of the entire community in Tacloban.

Madonna of Japan – you will spot the Madonna of Japan right at the Magsaysay Boulevard and Cancabato Bay. Almost 33 years since the end of the Second World War, Japan gifted this exquisite statue to honor the friendship and dedication towards the Filipinos. The statue is a true beauty in terms of art and architecture. It quite resembles a female version of Buddha. You can sit in the park and enjoy the peace that surrounds this very beautiful place all the time.

Ocho Seafood Grill – when you are in the Philippines, you must try out seafood and the diverse cuisine of the Filipinos. In Tacloban, Ocho Seafood Grill serves the most delicious items from their menu to their guests. All the dishes are cooked with great attention and the mouth-watering taste of them lingers in your senses for the entire day. The Fish Sinigang is one of the main specialty items they serve.

Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park – wildlife lovers can surely head to the Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park to explore and witness some wonderful animals. Spread over 841 hectares, the park offers ultimate recluse and also peace to those who are tired of city hustle. The major attraction of the park is the natural caves. These caves and gigantic and the rock formations will make you feel eerie all the time.

River cruise – when you are at the Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park, you must not miss going for the river cruise. It is absolutely fun! Hire a boat and you will be taken through the many channels and tributaries of the river that passes through dense jungle. If you are lucky enough you will be able to see crocodiles! In the river, you can find fishermen catching and sell freshly caught fishes directly from the river.

Tacloban is an amazing place to head over for a vacation of a few days. There are enough activities that will keep you engaged for the trip and bring happy memories back home.


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