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A summer vacation should be an adventure. It should throw you into a scene and a world that you have never experienced. It should be a complete break from your day-to-day life. This is hard for most people to achieve without going somewhere that is far removed from where they live. In a country like Canada, the options are boundless. If you live and work in one of the larger cities in the country, you have plenty of avenues for escape. The extensive coasts on either side of Canada beckon, as do the beautiful interior. The Canadian Rockies stretch through the heartland of the country and provide plenty of clean air and beauty to make you forget about the stress and strain of your life.

One of the best ways to enjoy the fullness of your vacation is to take a road trip to the destination of your choice. You can plan your trip with friends. Such a journey can only add to the pleasure and sense of enjoyment. If you don’t have a vehicle in which you can all fit, then you can simply rent one. Renting a truck, van, or SUV is one of the best ways to enjoy a road trip with your friends.

You should begin planning your trip by looking for the best deal on car rentals. You now have at your disposal an online tool that can help you. Price Lab does all the work of searching for you. It sifts through the millions of records in the databases of all the major rental car companies and will give you the lowest rates for one-way trips. Price Lab will also tell you the location of the rental shops that offer the lowest prices. You will then be able to rent your car from that shop rather than going to the shop that happens to be near your home.

The savings do not end there. In addition to Price Lab, you should also use MirrorTrip. This is another online tool that allows drivers to save money on car rentals. MirrorTrip allows you to connect with drivers who are making driving in the opposite direction. It allows both parties to pay only for one-way trips and to avoid drop-off fees, which tend to apply to popular drop-off destinations.

You can save money and do the road trip that you want. Renting a car for a road trip does not have to be an expensive venture. It can be made much cheaper if you go in with friends and use online devices such as Price Lab and MirrorTrip. These online sites represent the power of people to coordinate among themselves in order to save money when they can.

Times are tough for everyone, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your summer vacation. You can take the trip that you want by using online devices that will help you find a low-price rental agency shop. This will only add to the pleasure of planning a long and luxurious road trip.

You can get the most out of your vacation time by taking an extended road trip. And you can get the car rental deals you want by visiting MirrorTrip and
Price Lab .

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