What you need to know before opting for removals and storage?

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If you’re moving your belongings, you must first determine whether you need help moving them. Consider the amount of furniture, boxes, and possessions you need to transport. Do you have large or heavy items like pianos, wardrobes, or gym equipment? It will likely require professional removal services and specialized equipment. Even if you don’t have oversized items, moving an entire home’s worth of belongings is challenging and time-consuming. Hiring professional removers takes the strain out of lifting, carrying, and transporting everything safely and efficiently. Removal companies have trolleys, lifting gear, and vehicles designed for moving house contents.

Getting quotes from removal companies  

Once you decide you need help moving, research and get quotes from storage and removal services companies. Look for companies with great reputations, licenses, expertise, and insurance. Get at least three quotes to compare costs. Most offer no-obligation quotes, providing estimates based on your property size and contents.  When comparing removalists, look beyond just the cheapest hourly rate. Consider things like minimum booking times, insurance coverage, cancellation fees, and what is/isn’t included. A company offering a quick move at a cheap rate upfront might end up charging extra for waiting times, stairs, packing supplies, etc. Pick a company with great communication, and strong dedication, and that listens to your needs. Read reviews from past clients about their experiences.

Ask about packing and unpacking services

Many removal companies offer professional packing and unpacking services for an additional fee. It takes the hard work out of packing up an entire home and its contents. Letting professional packers handle this saves a lot of time and hassle. Packing services are ideal if you’re too busy to pack everything yourself before moving day. And unpacking services make it easier when settling into your new home. You unwind sooner without the stresses of boxes piled up for weeks.

Get insurance protection from damages

One key thing is to ensure your possessions are insured during the move. Professional removal companies should provide insurance as a standard. But always double-check and get full details in writing about their insurance coverage. It will protect you in case of anything damaged, lost, or stolen during transit. Don’t take risks moving valuables, heirlooms, or cherished items without adequate insurance protection. It’s worth discussing specific high-value items with your insurer.

Pack a moving checklist 

To stay organized on moving day, pack an essentials checklist ahead of time. 

  1. Travel snacks/drinks for the road
  2. Change of clothes/comfortable shoes for moving
  3. Toiletries and medications for move day 
  4. Pet travel items – leads, crates, food/water
  5. Charged phone and camera
  6. Copy of the moving inventory 

Having this ready means you have what you need on the day. You focus on overseeing the move rather than trying to gather last-minute items.

Label clearly

Finally, correctly labeling all boxes makes the unloading process smoother. Establish a consistent system for labeling the room and contents, e.g. “Master Bedroom – Clothes.” Avoid ambiguous labels like “Misc.” so movers know exactly where to take each item. If you pack up items yourself, seal boxes securely with packing tape. Therefore, it keeps the contents protected in transit.


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