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How Motorcycles Can Stay Safe on the Roads - Cummings Law

While riding a motorcycle, it is essential to find the optimal positioning. The proper riding position does not require excessive arm or leg movement, preventing fatigue over time. The torso should be aligned with the hips, and the elbows should be close to the body.

Proper posture will keep you in control of your bike and will prevent you from suffering neck and back pain. Incorrect riding posture can also reduce your energy and make staying focused on the road challenging.

Suppose you’re concerned about your riding position. In that case, you might consider modifying your motorcycle accessories,like your motorcycle drybag, for ergonomics. These accessories improve your grip, operation, and riding posture. Many are adjustable, so you can change them to suit your preferred riding position. They can also lower your suspension, further improving your comfort and handling.

Adjust Handlebars

A motorcyclist’s grip on the handlebars can be vital to the health of their hands. Those who have an uncomfortable grip may experience wrist pain and hand over time. This can make it difficult to handle the bike and maneuver through narrow spaces. 

It isdifficult to reach the levers with too low or too high handlebars. This is dangerous and can cause fatigue. Fortunately, some accessories, such as adjustable ones, improve how you grip your handlebars. 

Lower Suspension

The first step in lowering your suspension is to measure the height of the motorcycle’s front and rear. This is important to achieve an equal reduction of the ride height in both the front and back. The most common rear suspension systems use linkages to lower the bike. By swapping in links of different lengths, you can reduce the height of the rear end. 

Modify the Seat

If you’re having trouble with your motorcycle’s seating ergonomics, it may be time to change it. Aftermarket seats vary in size, shape, and padding and can be adjusted to be more accommodating. This change can also increase comfort and enhance the overall riding experience.

Many factors can affect your motorcycle’s ergonomics, such as opting for a Kriega drybag. To learn more about motorcycle ergonomics and how you can achieve it, read this article by Motorrad Garage.


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