Tablet PC – Proof of a Shrinking World

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All of us must have noticed that as we are advancing in the fields of communication, technology, transportation and other areas, the devices that we use in our day to day lives are becoming smaller. Everything from a television to a music system, to mobile phones and even a laptop. Yes, now we have a shrunk version of a laptop called the tablet PC.

Not only the gadgets, but the world as a whole is shrinking today. Distances are no more a matter of concern advancements in transportation have shrunk physical distances considerably. Now there are numerous modes of travelling. One can reach any place in a matter of hours.

Even otherwise too, developments in communication have led to bringing the world closer. Nobody is out of reach today. We can contact anybody located in any corner of the world in a matter of seconds. Whether it is friends, relatives, business associates or clients we can easily communicate them irrespective of the fact that they might be situated in another continent.

With the world shrinking due to growth of communication technology, communication devices too have shrunk to facilitate the process. For example, the computer shrunk to become a laptop, and now we have the palmtop and the tablet PC. Similarly, the4 telephone instrument in the bygone era was a bulky and elaborate instrument. Then came the cordless, the mobile phone and the more sleeker, slimmer and smaller versions of the mobile phone.

Not only this, a single gadget these days can perform multiple functions, like a mobile phone can have features through which the user can also access the Internet. The basic premise behind making communication gadgets smaller is to make them more user friendly and easy to carry everywhere. For example, a tablet PC is certainly more lightweight and easier to carry than even a laptop.

Be it a tablet PC, a sleek mobile phone or any other communication gadget, the fact that is reiterated is that their small and light weight build is a sign that the world is becoming smaller and the distances between humans is shrinking everyday.


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