What Is A Chartered Flight 

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Are you wondering what chartered flight is? Or what is all the fuss about air charter? Air carter is becoming increasingly popular lately. Air charter is basically renting the entire plane instead of buying a seat on a commercial flight.

You must be wondering why would anyone charter a flight? Who can afford it? And why more people are using it.

Let me answer these for you.

Why Do People Carter A Flight?

  1. People charter flights because they are tired of traveling with commercial airlines. They are tired of standing in long lines to check in, drop bags, go through security, and board the flight. You do not have to deal with any of this when you air charter.

    When you charter a flight either you charter the entire plane or a seat on a small plane with no more than 6-7 people. There are no lines to drop bags or check in. As soon as you arrive they have a concierge to attend you, take your bags and lead you to your plane.


  • The staff on the ground and in the plane treats you like a king. They are nice, friendly, courteous and want to help you. This makes flying fun, relaxing and stress free.



  • You arrive at your destination in much less time because you do not have to arrive 2 hours early at the airport and fight airport traffic. This saves you a lot of energy to attend business meetings or parties with your friends. Not to mention you arrive in style.



  • Unlike hospital food on commercial airlines, you actually get delicious meals on private jets. This food is prepared by chefs. It is served in proper plates and cutlery. You get nice drinks on the flight. So you are well fed before you reach your destination.


  So you see there are obvious benefits of air charter. People are opting for it because it is saving them travel time and putting pleasure back into their travels.

Who Can Afford It?

Now you must be wondering who can afford this kind of experience outside or Rockstar’s and celebrities. You will be wrong. Air charter has become increasingly cheap and affordable for most people.

There are many kinds of airplanes you can charter and the price depends on the kind of plane and the distance. Charter planes cost anywhere between $1500 – 5000 per hour of flying time. This depends on what kind of plane you take.

Let’s say you are 5 friends flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles. You will pay approximately $2,000. That is $400 per person for such a royal experience. Who cannot afford this?

In addition, these days some charter flights sell seats instead of entire planes. So if you are traveling for work and are alone, you can simply buy a seat and share it with 6-7 other people. 

You can’t beat this deal.

So you see air charter is very much affordable for everyone these days.

If you have not tried that already, I highly recommend you reach out to a few air charter companies. Ask them for a quote for the route you fly often and you will be surprised and pack your bags to fly private.


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