Where to Find Salt Lake City’s Best Affordable Ski Rentals

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The Best Ski Resorts Near Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is in a prime location for those who love skiing. Whether you’re coming for a visit, or coming to stay, the city’s location situated just along the Wasatch Front means you’re only a quick drive or bus ride away from some of the best slopes in the country. You have easy access to ski resorts like Brighton, Alta, Snowbird, and Solitude, and you’re only a quick trip away from Park City and Deer Valley. So if you’re looking to put on some affordable skis and send it, Salt Lake City is the place to be.

Maybe you want to ski, but the cost has always been prohibitive, or you don’t ski frequently enough to make purchasing your own skis worth it. Fortunately, rentals are an affordable option whether you’re here in Utah for vacation or you’re a full time resident. Renting is far more affordable than purchasing, especially if you don’t know what size or types of skis you like! Here’s what you should know about rental skis and equipment:

When trying on boots (and skiing in them afterward!) make sure to only wear one pair of socks. You want to keep your feet warm–of course– but wearing more than one pair actually alters the fit of your boot and decreases circulation. So, you’re actually hindering yourself by wearing more than one pair. A good pair of wool socks should do you just fine!

Be honest about your abilities during sizing. If there’s a size of rental skis you know you want and like, tell your technician. Otherwise, let them know your experience level and what you plan on skiing, then let them make an informed choice. They’re there to help you, and should have the experience to match you with the right affordable pair of rentals. Your package of rental skis could be standard if you’re a beginner or beginner-intermediate skier, upgraded if you’re more intermediate-advanced, or a demo package if you’re an advanced skier. All of these packages tend to be at an affordable rate for the quality you receive.

Make sure to try on your helmet fully and ensure that it fits comfortably. You want it to be snug, hugging your head, but not squeezing as to cause discomfort. Your helmet is an important part of your package, it’s protecting your brain, so take the extra moment to try it on! Helmets are also affordable to rent and are sometimes included in the package.

If you’re visiting Salt Lake City or surrounding areas to rent some affordable skis, Utah Ski & Golf is the place to go. With over 35 years of experience serving the Salt Lake City area, they have the expertise and know-how to provide you with rental skis at an affordable rate.

Utah Ski & Golf is an all-purpose ski shop offering Salt Lake City’s affordable ski rentals. Hit the slopes this year with fantastic rentals at great prices.


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